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Master Cylinder
The master cylinder is the heart of your brake system. It is recommended that brake fluid be replaced approximately every 12,000 miles.

Calipers and wheel cylinders
The function of the calipers (for disc brakes) and wheel cylinders (for drum brakes) is to convert the energy of the pressurised brake fluid into pressure to operate the brakes.

Brake pads and shoes
An inspection will determine if you need to replace your brake pads and shoes. This procedure is referred to as a "brake job" and should be carried out frequently to insure maximum performance.

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ABS (anti-lock braking system) sensors and controller
Your ABS system is electronically controlled. This system detects problems—some of which can be self-corrected, while others will shut down the ABS system—causing the ABS light on the dash to be illuminated.

Hand brake
Most modern rear brakes rely on proper hand brake usage to assist in keeping the rear brakes adjusted. If you don't use your hand brake regularly (for example with automatic cars), ask our technician to lubricate the cables and check the adjustment, as infrequent use could cause a low brake pedal or corrosion causing the brakes to drag.

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