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Environmental Policy

Mr Tyre’s Commitment to the Environment

In these climate conscious times, we place a strong emphasis on making sure our waste is handled in the most eco-friendly way possible. As such, we only use reputable companies who are dedicated to reducing environmental impacts in the services they provide. We work in partnership with one of the largest waste collection companies who specialise in the safe, efficient collection of oil, oil filters, brake fluid, antifreeze, waste plastic containers and much more.

Old tyres

When purchasing tyres from us, the price will include the disposal of your old tyres. These waste tyres will be collected by a leading tyre control company who will provide a full environmental waste management programme for a range of vehicles. All work is carried out in line with relevant regulations to reduce environmental impact, and will be supported by the correct documentation.


We utilise the same company that supplies us with batteries for the disposal of old ones, too. As such, we know we will receive a consistent, reliable service in the way they manufacture, supply and dispose of their products. As well as supplying the latest start-stop batteries which aim to reduce CO2 emissions and a vehicle owner’s carbon footprint, they also recover old batteries and recycle them in line with their legally compliant and environmentally friendly ‘Platinum ECO-LIFE’ scheme.

Internal operations

When it comes to the way our branches operate, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. We have made a conscious effort to halve the amount of paper we use by no longer printing a secondary copy of receipts for company records – we simply provide customers with an electronic receipt along with a single copy of paper.

We’re also mindful of electronics and cut usage where possible to reduce the amount of energy consumed by our machinery, computers and equipment. We purchase energy-friendly items where we can – such as LED bulbs – and use green cleaning products to eliminate harmful substances.

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