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What’s the difference between dealerships & a local garage

Everyone wants the best for their vehicle. Car, motorbike, van – whatever you use to get from A to B, it’s vital that all the components are fully functional and of the highest quality. 

This may leave you wondering which is better, a manufacturer dealership or a non-dealership garage such as a local autocentre? In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of both options to help you get the best possible service and products on the market. 

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Customer Service 

The primary reason that motorists suggest they visit a dealership is the expectation of a higher quality service. Whilst they operate on a much larger scale meaning they have a greater capacity to offer additional services such as courtesy cars and complimentary car washes, dealerships may lack the warm, friendly welcome of non-dealerships. Local autocentres are relying on the satisfaction of their customers to spread the word, and therefore tend to put a lot of effort into an attentive, helpful service that customers will remember. 

Product Quality 

When deciding between dealership or local, you will want reassurance of the quality of the products. The truth is, both businesses will stock tyres and equipment to manufacturer specifications and quality. A dealership may have more inside knowledge regarding upcoming products, but for the vast majority of enquiries, access to high quality products is enjoyed by both dealerships and non-dealerships. 


Generally speaking, dealerships charge higher prices than local autocentres – this is to cover their often steeper overheads. The truth is, with non-dealerships, you can benefit from an equally-excellent service at a considerably lower cost. Here at Mr Tyre we use type approved parts for every job so you can be confident in the quality of the components. We are also able to provide the exact same service as the dealer; using the same mileage and time based servicing programme, but at a lower cost to the customer.


Dealerships are specialists, focusing on a small selection of makes. In this respect, you can guarantee their professionals will know your car inside out. However, that isn’t to say that local non-dealerships don’t possess this knowledge, too. Often, local garages will have engineers with decades of experience dealing with an array of tyre and car brands – giving them a wider knowledge base to tackle a variety of problems. It also makes them better placed to make more general, unbiased recommendations. 


For a hassle-free option just down the road, local autocentres are a convenient choice. Plenty will be able to accomodate drop-ins too. Dealerships are not always on your doorstep, and sometimes you need to go out of your way to pay them a visit meaning booking an appointment is worthwhile. For those who want to save time, effort and road miles, a local garage is a valid consideration.


Mr Tyre have almost 50 years in the industry, with a thorough knowledge of vehicle makes & models, our extensive services include tyre supply and fitting, MOT testing, servicing, wheel alignment, and many others. To find out more, get in touch today or visit one of our 30+ branches throughout Central England. 

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