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Steer Clear of Part-Worn Tyres

Part-worn tyre alongside new tyre

Here at Mr Tyre, we often get asked, are part-worn tyres worth it? or even, are part-worn tyres safe? Our answer is always the same – no!

In this article, we’ll explain the main reasons why part-worn tyres are not a good idea for any vehicle, under any circumstances. 

What are part-worn tyres?

Simply put, part-worn tyres have already been used – making them essentially ‘second hand’ tyres. And while we’re frequently told that reusing is a good thing, this reasoning doesn’t apply when it comes to tyres. Here’s why… 

4 reasons to avoid part-worn tyres

They might be dangerous

Unfortunately, when you purchase a part-worn tyre, there is no assurance or guarantee of its quality or safety. 

Firstly, you will be unaware of the tyre’s backstory, such as how long it’s been used and whether there is any internal structural damage to the tyre. Secondly, the very fact that the previous owner has decided to get rid of the tyre might ring alarm bells – if it wasn’t fit for purpose, how can it be fit for your usage? 

Ultimately, using part-worn tyres stands you at greater risk of uneven tyre wear and blow-outs, compromising your vehicle’s safety and that of its passengers. 

They could be illegal 

It is completely legal to sell and purchase part-worn tyres – so long as they adhere to certain guidelines. Unfortunately, not everybody who sells part-worn tyres adheres to all of these guidelines, meaning that they could potentially be selling you an illegal tyre. 

In 2015, TyreSafe ran a survey that revealed that up to 98% of sample part-worn tyres purchased turned out to not abide by all the guidelines. This makes purchasing part-worn tyres a real risk not only to safety but to your legal compliance as a motorist. 

They won’t last as long 

It’s an obvious point to make that anything that has previously been used simply won’t last as long. This means you could find yourself with the inconvenience and cost of replacing the tyre sooner than you might think. This makes part-worn tyres more short-lived than new and therefore somewhat of a burden. 

They don’t work out cheaper 

The main reason you might buy a part-worn tyre is to bag yourself a bargain. But as explained in the last point, the more frequent replacement of these, often dangerous tyres, will quickly add up. 

So what are my options?

Instead, motorists are encouraged to invest in new, safe and legal tyres for their vehicle. Because their longevity will be greater, they are a more cost-effective choice. If your budget is a concern, there are still cheaper options available to you without resorting to the risks of part-worn tyres. At the end of the day, can you really put a price on your safety?


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