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Cambelt Replacement and Timing Belt Repairs

Mr Tyre have been providing professional auto services since 1971. As an independent business we offer only the best products at the most competitive prices. Our technicians are skilled in providing a wide range of services, including replacing and checking one of the most critical parts of your engine: the cambelt.

Cambelts, or timing belts, are rubber belts which regulate the engine of your vehicle. Each vehicle has a cambelt change interval set by the manufacturer which is influenced by mileage and time in use. Generally the older the vehicle, the likelihood of a replacement cambelt increases, as over time they can start to crack and then snap. It is preferable to replace a cambelt ahead of time rather than pay for the repairs when it breaks completely.

Another common issue to be aware of is the cambelt becoming stretched. This will cause the engine timing to be delayed, which means a lack of power and a rattling noise when the car is idling.

As an alternative, some vehicles have timing chains, with most manufacturers estimating to last the lifespan of the car.

To ensure your car has the best quality cambelt replacement work, including inspections, choose Mr Tyre. We deliver a wide range of auto services across Central England. Find your nearest branch and get in touch today.

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