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The clutch is one of the most important parts of your car; it needs to be in perfect condition and running smoothly for safety, as well as performance. However, general wear and tear, age or high mileage can cause faults with your clutch to develop, which can compromise the safety of the vehicle and must be looked at immediately. Don’t wait for your clutch problem to worsen – let our experts at Mr Tyre take care of it for you.

As an independent business with over 50 years’ experience, we ensure drivers throughout Central England are safe on the roads with our premier services. We will carefully examine your clutch to identify the exact problem and confirm whether a repair or replacement is required. If a repair is needed, or your vehicle requires a completely new clutch, we have the skills and expertise to carry out the job to the highest standards.

Signs of a faulty clutch

  • The engine is racing despite the car moving slowly
  • The clutch pedal makes a noise
  • The clutch pedal is stiff or vibrating
  • The biting point is different
  • You have difficulty changing gears

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, your vehicle is most likely in need of clutch repair or clutch replacement services. Get in touch with our fully trained team at Mr Tyre today to arrange an appointment for a time that suits you to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.

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