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When a warning light flashes on your dashboard, don’t ignore it. Make sure you get to the root of the problem, with help from Mr Tyre. 

The purpose of these warning lights and codes is give motorists a head start for finding a solution, before problems have a chance to get worse. That’s where we come in. 

Diagnostic Test

A fault code or warning light could signal anything from oil levels to exhaust problems, but that’s why you can rely on our professional team to carry out vehicle diagnostics to pinpoint the exact issue. 

All modern cars have an onboard computer which will highlight any issues with your vehicle – and here at Mr Tyre, we can perform car diagnostics by linking your car to our computer diagnostic equipment.

There are many types of codes and warning lights – and often, it’s only specialist diagnostic scanners, used by a trained mechanic, that can establish the exact issue. Our technicians use specialist diag equipment to make an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle fault so that no time is wasted. 

Once the problem is identified, our technicians will then provide advice and suggestions on how best to remedy the issue, getting you back on the road safely. We pride ourselves on honest advice, swift resolutions and competitive prices, so you know you’re getting a first-class service every time. 

Get in touch

Trust in Mr Tyre today. We’ve built our reputation as a leading provider of diagnostics in the Central England region since first establishing in 1971, so for engine diagnostics and honest, professional advice, look no further than Mr Tyre.

We have over 35+ branches across the region, all offering fantastic customer service and great value for money. Get in touch with your local Mr Tyre branch today to learn more about vehicle diagnostics and how we can help. 

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