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Wheel Alignment

Maximising the lifespan of your wheel and improving your vehicle’s hold on the road, wheel alignment is available at all Mr Tyre garages. 

Signs Your Wheels Need Aligning

Whether it’s constant bumping on kerbs or simple wear over time, most wheels will eventually need to be adjusted by a professional at some point. Therefore, wheel alignment is a key part of car maintenance to keep your vehicle roadworthy.

When wheel alignment is set correctly, it can also save you money on fuel and tyre replacements. 

A few noticeable signs that your wheels are unbalanced include: 

  • Steering wheel vibrations 
  • Unusual noises 
  • Uneven wear on tyres 
  • A feeling or ‘pulling’ to one side 

These may be more noticeable at faster speeds. 

Neglecting to get your wheel alignment checked can result in uneven tyre tread, resulting in your tyres wearing down more quickly, along with general discomfort  and reduced safety when driving. It can also lead to poor fuel economy, if left unresolved. 

Tyre Tracking

Wheel alignment is sometimes known as wheel tracking, and simply refers to the process of adjusting your wheels and tyres so they are the optimal angle and direction. 

With wheel tracking from our trained technicians, you’re guaranteed to drive away with a safer car. Plus, you’ll lower the wear on your tyres, saving you money. 

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With honest advice and free tyre safety reports, we’ve built our reputation on putting the customer first. Your safety on the roads has been at the heart of what we do since 1971, which is why we’ve grown to cover Central England as an independent garage.

Book your vehicle in for wheel alignment today by contacting your nearest garage – we have over 35+ autocentre branches, so our friendly team is always on hand to help.

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