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Free Safety Checks

Tyre inspection

Discovering a problem with your vehicle before it escalates into a major issue will go a long way to helping you save on the money and hassle of repairs. In fact, plenty of problems with a vehicle can be avoided with a safety check by a qualified expert.

Tyre Checks

A free safety check from Mr Tyre, accessible to all drivers, won’t cost a penny. Available at all of our branches, our technicians will inspect your tyres for any signs of damage, paying close attention to the tread depth and pressure of the tyre.

Brakes Checks

We can also check all components of your braking system – including pads and discs – to identify any problems and determine whether a repair or replacement is required.

If work is recommended on either your tyres or brakes, we provide a no obligation quote to carry out the job, with no hidden costs. Then it’s completely up to how you’d like to proceed.

How do I get a free safety check?

Available throughout the year at every branch, simply contact your nearest Mr Tyre centre for a free tyre or brake check.

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