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Wheel Balancing

tyre alignmentLook after your tyre health with wheel balancing services from the professionals. Maintaining the correct balance is vital for avoiding all kinds of problems, and for ensuring tyre health and longevity. 

Here at Mr Tyre, we ensure a smooth ride for your vehicle with expert tyre balancing. This service ensures that the weight of your tyre and wheels is completely even around the axle. When your tyres are first fitted, they will be perfectly balanced. However, everyday road use means that gradually they will be thrown off balance – which is why it’s important to get them regularly rebalanced. 

The benefits of tyre balancing 

  • Prevents vibrations for a smoother drive
  • Prevents uneven tyre wear
  • Prevents strain of suspension system 

All of these benefits mean that tyre balancing will allow your tyres to perform at a high standard for much longer. Signs of unbalanced tyres can be subtle, the most obvious being a vibration or wobbling sensation when driving. You will need a professional to assess your vehicle in order to determine if the wheels are unbalanced. 

Here at Mr Tyre, we use a wheel balancing machine to check for weight differences around the wheel that are indicative of an unbalanced wheel. To book your vehicle in for a wheel rebalancing, or for any sort of vehicle servicing, simply contact us today – we’re proud to serve the Central England region. 

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