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Driving Etiquette: Are You Naughty or Nice?

Your driving license may be pink (or even green) but that doesn’t mean you’re the kindest, most patient driver on the road. Driving is a love-hate experience for many motorists and it shows in our driving etiquette. But how often do you give in to the temptations listed below?

It’s time to find out whether you’ve been naughty or nice since passing your test!

Are your indicators broken?

Light the way for your fellow drivers by using your indicators. It’s safer when turning at junctions and roundabouts, when exiting on slipways and stopping for emergency vehicles among other things.

High beams and LED lights

Forgetting your high beams are on is an unfortunate mistake. However, in recent years, various executive car models have been dazzling other drivers with dipped LED and xenon headlights. The RAC found that modern headlights had dazzled 15% of drivers in 2018.

A ‘thank you’ costs nothing

It does make for a more positive driving experience – both letting someone out of a busy junction and receiving a thank you in return. A flash of the lights or a simple wave, the choice is yours.

Distracted driving

Using the phone whilst driving contributed to 35+ deaths in 2018. It’s a serious problem that is on the rise. That figure is 22 more than in 2017. A further 137 road users were seriously injured in accidents involving loss of concentration thanks to satnavs, phones and children.

Speeding in residential areas

If going fast is your thing, the UK has over 25 permanent racetracks. If that’s not enough, try one of the many drag strips, hill climbing venues and go kart tracks available across the nation.  

Tailgating other drivers

What do you think of tailgating? One third of motorists don’t know that tailgating is in fact a fineable offence and can land you with a £100 bill.

Pollution all around

Dirty black smoke from your exhaust is just the start. Throwing rubbish out of a moving car and blasting music in built-up areas are all forms of pollution and against the law. Changes to MOTs this year also make it harder for diesel cars to pass emissions testing and higher taxes means the government are taking action to phase out diesel vehicles from the UK.

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